Employee Handbook

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Company Employee Handbook

Not having an employee handbook gives a chance to your employees to look for a loophole when they try to justify behavior outside your expectations. A well-designed employee handbook serves as an introduction to the company’s processes, policies and procedures.

An employee handbook is a “Blue Print” of your company. It contains an answer to almost all questions a new employee can have. It also communicates the company’s expectations regarding employees’ workplace behavior and expected performance.

Employee handbook’s content will assure that each hire feels ready and well-equipped for their job, and that can instantly increase their productivity and motivation. If you want to protect your organization from misunderstandings or aim to make your new employees feel at home, Employee Handbook is all your need.

What will be included:

  • General Policy
  • Cultural Policy
  • Work from Home Policy
  • Payroll Policy
  • Exit Policy