Types of Employees in an Organization

Ms. Shreya Parikh April 3, 2022

Employees always play an extremely crucial role in the success or failure of any company. More than their skills, it is important to look at what kind of attitude an employee possesses. There can be many factors that affect an employee’s attitude. Therefore, it is not just necessary to build a healthy environment, but also to identify what kind of employees are working together in a team. When employees are active and engaged, better productivity can be observed and even the morale of the group remains high. But if there happens to be an employee with a negative attitude, the overall project or work can also suffer at their expense.

There are 3 kinds of employees that every organization gets to see. Based on their attitude, the employees are divided into 3 categories.

1. ENGAGED– Engaged employees are those who are extremely passionate about their job. They provide full commitment to the tasks allotted to them and hold their job in high regard. Such employees will always put extra effort into their work and are willing to push the extra mile to get the job done. Engaged employees understand their purpose and also drive up the performance of the company.

2. NOT ENGAGED– These employees may be physically present, but their mind is not completely focussed on the work they have at hand. Such employees are mentally ‘checked out’. Meaning that they are people without any purpose who seem like they are getting the job done, but thereis no soul put into what they do. While they give their time to the company, their energy and passion seem to be missing at all times.

3. ACTIVELY DISENGAGED– Actively disengaged employees are those people who neither enjoy their work nor keep quiet about their disinterest at work. They vocally express their dissatisfaction and also act out their unhappiness. Such employees are usually found detached from their colleagues, work, and the company’s mission. When someone constantly keeps nagging and complaining, it also tends to disrupt the attention of those around them. Constantly undermining the work of active employees, such people usually bring down the morale of the other workers as well.

When a company has to deal with these kinds of employees, it is the HR that comes to the rescue. A strong HR team manages all kinds of employees and pushes them with positive reinforcement so that the company does not suffer. An HR is someone actively finds solutions and a way to bring employees together.

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