How Do Grapes Teach Us To Get Social

When you talk about being social, think of bunches of Grapes.

Gone are the days when Kids used to play outdoor activities.

Time has changed and kids are getting smarter with help of smart devices. They have forgotten what they are missing. More important, what is the importance of Friends and Family in our life.

The following story will elaborate the important of getting social.

Days back in summer, while passing through the market, I saw two vendors selling Grapes. I noticed that one vendor had more customers than another one.

To find out a reason, I decided to get close and this is what I saw.

Both vendors seemed to have an equal quality of grapes. But one vendor was selling Grapes in a huge bunch unlike another vendor.

Looking at bunches of Grapes, customers were more attracted to buy those Grapes assuming it must be with the good quality, ignoring another vendor, though he had the same quality of grapes. It became difficult for him to get the customers, because the Grapes were looking more lonely, losing its charm and sweetness.

Together, even the bunch of Grapes looked fresh and healthier.

Then I realized…

Doesn’t this happen when we see kids playing in a group? Cherishing, isn’t it ?

It is us who can change the world, by changing our kids.

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