Create the Brand to Create a Company

They say let us have resources first and process later, and I think otherwise. 

Let your company BE A BRAND. Here is Why & How? 

The process defines the brand. When you are stepping into the market trying to get business and resources, you may compromise to get the result. 

Later, when you are growing, you will set your standards for the company which creates a brand. You may accept the projects which have certain standards, and resources with specific skills and this may cost you high. 

This creates an imbalance with the existing process. 

I have seen the companies losing long term employees because they are not ready to accept the change. You may lose old clients and projects while changing the process and creating a culture. 

But, if you already have your standards, process, and strategies from the day you start your company, it becomes a brand. You may get delayed to set the business but I am sure the moment you are all set to land your brand, you already have created your place in the world.