Post Vaccination Sick Leave Application

Ms. Shreya Parikh April 21, 2021

Modern work culture is demanding professionalism and discipline from employees and the biggest challenge for any organization is leave policy.

This year, scenario is going to be different. As government has announced vaccination for all people above the age of 18, there is going to be a challenge for an every organization to manage mass leave applications from employees.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how one should apply for sick leave while going for the vaccination.

What shall you include in your leave form?

For the first time in history, everyone can plan a sick leave in advance. Here is what your leave form should consist of:

1. Scheduled Appointment

Do make your manager and HR Department aware well in advance when you are planning to take the vaccination, so that your team can manage the work on your behalf accordingly.

2. Health Issue

While you write an application for sick leave, briefly mention the health issues going to be faced & the medical consultation details.

Make sure it’s short & brief.

3. Duration of Leave

Be clear & specific about the expected duration of your absence from work. Also, provide a realistic deadline for when you would be able to join back your office.

4. Delegation of Work

Ensure that your work doesn’t suffer while you are on leave. Keep your manager updated about your delegation of work to your colleagues (if any) to ensure smooth workflow.

Sample of Leave Application Format

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am pleased to let you know that I have a COVID-19 vaccination appointment scheduled for [DATE + TIME].

As you know, some people have been experiencing flu-like symptoms after their vaccination, so I wanted to explore the possibility of taking a sick day the day after.

If I am feeling well, I am more than happy to work. However I wanted to make the space in case I am feeling unwell.

I have discussed this with my [MANAGER] and they are prepared to cover anything needed from me on that day.

I am very excited to receive this vaccination in order to take a step closer to a post-COVID world!



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