One Mistake….

One mistake that snatched the job he ever dreamed for –

It was Friday evening, I was about to close the work for a day. We had “walk-in” interviews the next day and thankfully all the preparation was done.

The team was all set and excited to hire energetic people for an entry-level job.

Just when I was about to close the door of my cabin, a phone rang and there was a candidate who wished to come for an interview.

We had quite a good conversation on rounds of interviews we were supposed to have for selection.

Just when I was putting down a phone, he asked “May I know how much salary I can expect to be offered”

I asked – “have you gone through to the flyer of job requirement?”, He said – No.

I simply asked him to check the requirement and asked him to appear in an interview only if he feels he had suitable skills and knowledge.

Moral of the story –

Most of the time, when we get a call from a recruiter or an HR representative, before knowing the company details and job requirements, we jump on salary details and we lose the greatest opportunity!

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