Job V/S Career

80% of people dream about the best career and end up having a job.

People with high ambition end up in a rat race doing same as other people. You wanted to do something different, wanted to fly high but could not, maybe because you did not get the right opportunity or the situation did not allow you to break the cage and roar out.


Here is how you can turn your job into career and live the dream you ever wished.

  • First and foremost, have a mentor. S/he can be either your family member or someone whom you know from your office or network.
  • Keep believing whatever you are doing, you are passionate about it.
  • Getting low or demotivated will only make you disaster, it is important you look for silver lines behind the dark clouds.
  • Keep looking to upgrade yourself in your field, the innovations are taking place every day and every minute.
  • Do Networking, believe it or not, there are a lot more people who can guide you where you lack.
  • If you are only looking for money in your life, there are always chances you will not be able to see your dream.
  • Having and living a dream is full of experiences and learning. Make sure you have this while doing a job.
  • Last but not least, every struggle gives you a present at the end. Keep patience. Your dedication will make you happier at the end and you never know which opportunity knocks your door.

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