If you were the hiring manager

Shreya Parikh November 1, 2019

… & had to pick one person, who would you pick & why?

An organization took an interview of 4 candidates for a job opening for a manager role recently;

1. Scott was the best in terms of skills, but his behavior was arrogant. He had performed this role many times before and it was a cakewalk for him. In the interview, he said he treats people like resources. He was rude even to the interviewers.

2. Alvin was the neediest he had been not working for over a year, his confidence was at an all-time low. He did not have money to survive. His skills were outdated, he himself admitted he was not sure he will be able to perform. But he said he will work 18 hours a day to deliver.

3. Ethan was average on skills & had never led a team, he was a very kind person but lacked assertiveness. His performance orientation was not there, and he was not one who would push his team to excel. He spoke less & was an introvert. He was apprehensive about leading a team.

4. Felix was good at skills. He said he can deliver easily on the job. A reference check revealed he was good at his job but was caught taking a bribe in his first job, 10 yrs ago.

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