Get Your Dream Appraisal

कभी कभी हम गलत नहीं होते, बस वो शब्द नहीं होते जो हमें सही साबित कर सके

45 days to your next appraisal, your company has already begun the process. Are you ready to face it?

Here are the few tips to get your dream appraisal this year.

– Start preparing the list of your successful work even it was the tiny task

– Write down your achievements and certifications which has added the value in a company’s growth

– Check the contribution you made in someone’s work and how it helped him to finish the job

– Mention what all you did for the betterment of a company

– Sit with your manager and ask him about his feedback, you still have a chance to improve

Every day counts, don’t lose the opportunity.

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