Flash Mentoring: An effective strategy to retain new employees

Ms. Shreya Parikh September 29, 2023

Do you know around 22% of new joiners leave within the first 45 days of employment? Employee turnover is expensive. They cost 1.5 to 2 times an employee’s annual salary. Now, this amount is huge for any growing organization. Therefore, companies worldwide go the extra mile to ensure that their employees stay with them for long.

The 30-60-90 plan, which sets and tracks goals for the first three months of employment, is a powerful way to ensure that employees understand their role and importance and merge seamlessly with the company’s ecosystem. However, it is not just enough to form strategies. Understanding the employee mind set also plays a crucial role. It is important for employers to know that multiple inhibitions can bring the spirit of the new joiners down.

For example:

– New work schedule

– Organization’s expectations

– New processes and systems

– Finding a go-to person

Even if the employees are remotely working, it is important for them to understand how the organization functions.

There is an answer to all these burning issues related to new employees- Flash mentoring. This technique works wonderfully well even in remote-working environments. It focuses on establishing a short-term relationship between a new employee and a veteran. In most cases, this is conducted through online mentoring programs.


1. Personal connect:

Being a one-to-one session, flash mentoring helps form personal and long-lasting connections more quickly. Many use mentoring software that helps reach out to a new colleague, address queries, and even help with skill-building.

2. Happy employees:

Flesh mentoring helps create a strong support system within the organization. So, when new employees are stuck or confused, they know whom to approach and how.

Focus areas:

Flash mentoring should be planned meticulously to integrate the new employee into the existing ecosystem. Therefore, it is important to be clear about the focus areas such as-


Even employees with excellent skills may fail to perform in a new work environment. The new environment and processes can be daunting for an individual to flourish. Through flash mentoring relationships, employees can ask questions that are troubling them and get guidance from the veteran who has been there, done that.


Imagine this: you have joined a new organization, and you are not physically present at the workplace. How would you engage with the company, its culture and its goals? This is the case with most remote employees. Flash mentoring helps them bond with the company, people and overall company culture, motivating them to perform their best.


Have you ever seen your organization from the eyes of a new hire? Freshers, mid-experienced and veterans have different ways of looking at a company culture. If you want to assert the type of organizational culture you have built, flash mentoring is the best medium to communicate it to the new employee. This moulds their perspective about the organization and keeps them glued to it for a long.

Remote, hybrid or traditional- whatever may be the style of working, flash mentoring is an effective technique to ensure that the employees engage with the organization and contribute to its growth wholeheartedly.

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