Do We “rightly” Greet People Or It Has Become The Formality?

Shreya Parikh August 29, 2018

How do you greet, shows who you are.

Few days back I was in elevator, 3 o’clock in noon and 1 person greeted another one, said Good Morning. And another person simply smiled back.

Yes, we feel odd when we don’t get the response.

Wishing a colleague Good Morning when we enter in office or saying Good Night to the dear ones has an important role in our life.

A motivational morning or peaceful night starts with ourselves and driven by people around us.

Sadly, these days, greeting people has become more of a formality than reality.

So, here are the important points to remember before we greet people-

Watch the Watch – It is important to aware about time of day before we greet people. (This is generic and can be situation based. It may vary when you work in International Market)

Smile – Greeting shall not be a formality, when you greet, the words are coming from mouth but reflected on a face.

Eye Contact – Before greeting, establish an eye contact with a person, this builds the trust.

Handshake – the handshake is a sign of strong personality. It not only builds a strong connection but also lives a last impact on the person.

Sound Fantastic and be clear – Not only the words, but the tone and pitch have its own importance which says everything about you. More important, it shows whether you have “rightly” greeted a person or was just a formality.

The cherry on a Cake – Never greet a person through internal chat while sitting beside him. Go to a person and greet with a smile. You will make his day.

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