Developing Employees Capital in an Organization

Ms. Shreya Parikh February 9, 2021

HR, the term itself has been evolved over last few decades. In the era of 1980s, HR was more about admin and operational activities. During late 1990s when many organizations started to grow and businesses expanded at globe level, it became Human Resources.

Now in 21st century, HR became Human Relations. Employees started to play as important role in organization development as employers, thus creating more values in expansion of business. It became essential for employers not only to manage employees, but retain them too.

Here is when employees became investment for the organization than a cost. They became employees cost to employee capital when organizations started to adopt HR Practices, process, strategies and employee training programs to develop a culture, creating win-win situation for employers and employees.

Employee Capital in an Organization
On other hand, employees started to adopt this change and appreciated the way they were being trained and developed at organization, resulting into better performance and productivity.

Make the employees responsible for their own success.

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