Covid-19 work from home learnings

Shreya Parikh September 25, 2020

With COVID-19, most of the companies have decided and implemented the policy of “work from home”. Many employees appreciated this and few did not. If we dig bit deeper, we realize that work from home gives so much to us apart from being flexible in our routine.

  • Self – Dependent

You become self-dependent on things you are performing. As you are all alone at home doing work you have been assigned, you will find difficult calling your manager every now and then. You will prefer to do R & D first before approaching your teammate or senior. So yes, you are already on a stage of learning. (Getting ready for your next promotion.)

  • Develop Problem Solving Attitude

As mentioned above, you are stuck somewhere and you know that calling your team mate or team leader will not work or at times, they are not available when you are stuck and need guidance. So, you will start doing research on the things, read more blogs and watch more tutorials on how to solve the problem. (Get ready for all the appreciation)

  • Managing Work-Life Balance

We all talk about this, aren’t we? We hurry from office to reach office on time, preparing for dinner or spending some time with our family. But do you think it is going to be same while working from home? No, you will have your mother or a kid who would be expecting you to be with them every time. (Learn to say NO)

  • Be Accountable

Working in a team makes it easy to hide the error, someone else is always there to correct it. But when you are all alone working on something, it is you who is answerable for this. People stop growing at the once they start hiding. Admitting a mistake, it not as tough as it seems. You learn how not to repeat it.

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