Coaching To Candidates .!

HR – Human Resource as my profession and an interviewer as a role, I have met thousands of candidates in my career.

And despite of taking an interview, I always use to opt for the conversation with candidate. Many times, it happened when candidate truly open up with the problems they are facing, whether personal or professional behind the job change.

I remember a candidate who came up for the interview few years back. While I was talking to him, I realized that some or other way he was not right fit for the organization.

So I decided, rather than being HR and reject him, I should become a coach to him, guide him where he was wrong and what he can do to make his career better and go ahead with other opportunity.

I did not realize the outcome of this until he reached me back few months later and thanked me. I was feeling his happiness in his voice, saying he got a very good opportunity in a reputed organization.

Since then, I realized the importance of coaching. Does not matter whether or not they would join your organization, but they will always remember you.

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