Coaching To Candidates! – Interview Skills

What exactly you shall look for while looking for your first job?

It was late evening & a guy came to me, we started a conversation. I realized he was just a fresh graduate from one of US University & he was in India for a short break.

I asked him how he spends his time and he said, “I am reading some books on how to crack the interviews”. I said ok. Though he said he was not sure where exactly he wanted to go in his career.

Later, he asked me that being HR, what I observed in him in this short conversation. I said,

It is appreciated that you are reading some good books which can give you glimpse of how to crack the interview, this may take you to the company’s door

Then what?

Apart from job knowledge, there are few soft skills which help you to crack the interview. It is just a cherry on a cake.

  • Positive Attitude
  • Listening Skills
  • Personality
  • Tone of Voice
  • Be clear what you want to achieve
  • Be clear what you want to say

So next time, when you are going for an interview, keep these points in mind.

All the best for bright career ahead.

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