The Internship of Rs. 37 Lakhs

As I always believe and say, if you follow your passion, package will come to you.

It has been observed in last few years that before understanding the job role and requirement, the sole focus is on the package and that makes plenty of people to stay in either the same role and job or jobless in the worst scenario.

The colleges and educational institutes have been demanding to offer great packages to enter for campus hiring, which is not wrong.

Education institutes are fighting to win a competition of 100% placements and the highest package.

Yes, as the fees are getting hiked, the package plays an important role but not for the sake of learning and updating.

Not all students meant for the same packages.

I suggest and appreciate if education institutes motivate students to grab the job (first or last) keeping learning in mind, and the package will come.

Jobs are there in the market, every industry is looking for fresh and passionate graduates, do your skills fit right with job requirement?

I least support the thought of “money motivates”, it does but not always.

Your skills define what you are worth.