Be A Corporate Actor

Shreya Parikh October 22, 2019

A dream that came true for very few people. I am sure you have seen kids grow up with the same dream, and later seeing them doing amazing in the corporate world.

No wonder you were the one who wished to be an actor too and those fairy tales that still make you smile.

Do you know,? There are still thousands of people out there in the world, who are grown up and did not give up on their dream. They still want to be an actor and making efforts to make their dream come true.

But what about you? You already have changed the path, from fairy tales to corporate politics, and you have gone so far on this track, if you look back and see your childhood, it has become a blur You hardly remember things you truly believed that one day, it would come true.

There is still hope.

A true actor is not the one who acts best on screen, but he is the one who knows how to deal with failure.

We all are actors in our life and career, whether a big-screen life or corporate world, we live a life being lived by someone else.

If you want to be a successful corporate actor, make sure you learn to accept rejection.

That is what an actor does while going out for an audition. Even if he is one of the top 10 world-famous actors, he gets rejected. Imagine the number of rejections he faces every day before giving one hit movie. How disappointing is it to know when someone rejects you on the face, saying “you are not suitable for this role”.

Still, the next day he wakes up, gets ready and standing in a long queue with the hope to make his dream come true. He does anything and everything he can, to live his dream.

Just like an Actor, never be a loser and never believe you do not worth of things you desire just because someone could not see it in you.

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