A Hidden Message From Employer To Candidate

Do this and increase your chance to get hired ..!!

Doesn’t matter whether or not you are employed, you would not like to wait for days (or may be months) to hear back from a recruiter after an interview.

In most of the cases, “waiting” is the only thing you do.

Then what about other side of coin ?

Do you know there are companies who hire people on immediate basis, once they find you are suitable to the position, you are hired.

Here is a tiny thing you miss.

“By not keeping your documents handy says a lot about yourselves.”

Being an experience person and being interviewed for many times, you get the idea that what basic documents to get carry while apprearing for the interview.

You never know when you miss the opportunity by saying that you would get back with necessary documents after couple of days or may be next week. And then…next candidate to you is hired, just because he had the documents to get hired.

If you are a migrant, always remember to keep the documents handy in your file “before” getting activate in market.

I have had an employee hired just because he carried all the necessary documents. This shows you are ready for the opportunity and moreover, you are “Organized”.

This small thing makes a huge difference in your career, personality and attitude.

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