30-60-90: Maximize your employee impact from the first day of joining.

Ms. Shreya Parikh September 22, 2023

Recruiting a new employee is like playing a gamble for an organization. They can hope that things turn out in their favour. But even in gambling, there are strategies to ensure that the positives outweigh the doubts. In an organization, it can be achieved through a 30-60-90 plan.

What is it?

30-60-90 day plan is a document to set goals and strategies for a new employee. It includes manageable milestones that are defined as per the employee’s position.

How does it help?

It gives new employees a clear vision of what they are expected to do and more easily adapts to the organization’s culture. On the other hand, it helps employers visualize how the employee will contribute from the first day of joining. This document introduces the company’s goals and expectations to the new joiners in a crystal clear manner.

How to create a good 30-60-90 day plan?

The first prerequisite is that it should include small, achievable tasks aligned to your company’s overall mission. It is wise to keep it crisp and to the point. It should mention-

  • Onboarding and training materials
  • List of milestones
  • Key people, team members and points of contact
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Software programs used by the company
  • Brief details of the company’s products, target audience and industry
  • Your company’s goals and KPIs


New joiners are overwhelmed with doubts, excitement and uncertainties. 30-6-90 days plan helps them understand the points they need to focus on.

It helps the manager and the new joiner keep track of goals and progress during the first few months. It gives the new employee a sense of direction, so that they can hit the ground running.

Serving as an icebreaker it helps build trust and cohesion in the team.

It helps employees understand the company’s products and target audience to channel their energies in the right direction.

The plan helps set the pace for the assigned work and enhances the employee’s productivity from the very first day. It also makes reviewing the employee’s periodic performance easier.

How to create perfect 30-60-90 plans?

You can do that by encompassing 4 major elements.


Set the right objective for the employee. This is the best time when employees absorb information. So, provide them with objectives like how they can add value to the organization, contribute to the team, and optimize current processes.


Set achievable goals that motivate employees to bring their best game from the first day. Goals can be categorized into three sections: learning and adapting to the new culture, performance, and personal growth. This helps evaluate the new employee’s performance in the first quarter.


You have hired an employee for a purpose. So, convey it directly and assign them tasks they can start with. For example, if the employee is a graphic designer, communicate the projects on hand, what they are expected to do, and the deadline.


Set performance metrics for the new joiner and communicate how they would be evaluated, i.e., half-yearly, quarterly or yearly. 

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