We are a human development agency

Huminivex provides best practices in human resource management and development by providing best advices to the organization on how to develop by focusing on their Human Capital. We deliver Soft Skill Training to the organizations. We are also providing services to various Education Institutes and colleges to deliver the lectures and seminars to the students. If necessary during a course of organizational development, NLP Techniques are used to have a better result. We do work as a life coach to breakthrough a situations one is facing.

We Advice

We guide an organization for their documentation and process. Employees are undoubtedly an asset to any organization. We advices on how to develop the skills to get sustain throughout their career and life.

We Design

Being a mentor and a HR Business consultant, we design strategies and process which helps an organization to achieve their vision and goals.

We Develop

It is time to execute and our role does not stop here. We keep doing regular HR audit to check if everything is on place and which are the areas to be focused further.
What more we offer

Human Resource

Being a centre of a Human Resource World, we provide service of HR strategies, documentation, - deliver the skills and knowledge that helps a business and human resources to grow.
  • HR Consultancy
    We design-redesign-revamp the documentation, planning and strategies which is best for your business and culture.
  • Soft Skill Training
    We provide Soft Skill Trainings to discover one’s own potentials, taking best out of people, how to keep improving and how most unseen qualities play vital role.
  • Visiting Faculty
    We prepare next generation to be ready before they enter into an industry by providing them career guidance and techniques.
  • Life Coach
    It is important to understand what mind says. We work on behavioural situation to breakthrough mind-sets an individual and an organization is facing.

Our services

Being a centre of a Human Resource World, we provide services of HRM & Life Coach, Soft Skill Training, Visiting Faculty and Other Services that helps a business and human resources to grow.
Strategic HR
HR Analytics
HR Consulting
HR Audits
HR Reports
Employee Policies & Handbook

Leave System

HR Documentations
Preparing KRAs and KPIs
Performance Appraisal

Employment Consulting


Manpower Planning

Communication Training
Leadership Training
Influential Training
Negotiation Skills Training

Motivational Training

Personality Development

Emotional Intelligence

Stress Management

Business Etiquettes
Time Management
Sales Training

Huminivex delivers management lectures and soft skill training to the various Institutes and colleges as a Guest Faculty and a Trainer.

This not only help the students to gain the real industrial knowledge, but also gives a ladder to stay ahead of the competition while grabbing a job opportunity.

Web Development

App Development

Digital Marketing

LLP/Company Formation

LAW Compliance (GST, Employees, Etc.)

Legal Policy Development

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Shreya handles her work with meticulous care where you don’t need to check work after assigning. Her deep knowledge in HR field is highly commendable. I am obliged to recommend Shreya to anyone who is looking for HR consultant.

Digant Bhatt

Elite InfoWorld

Workshop conducted by Shreya Parikh was very interesting and interactive. She covered topics like designing compensation, benefits and services, and role of HR Practices in her pedagogy she included case studies, PPT, games etc. She kept students engaged throughout the session. We received very positive feedback.

Pooja Sharma

GLS University

Shreya Parikh is not only a responsible and inspiring HR Consultant but also an excellent Soft-Skill Trainer. Shreya Parikh is a creative and insightful person. Very good, independent, multi-skilled and efficient expert with a great skill to analyse and summarize ideas. Shreya has shown herself to be a very intelligent, focused and performance driven individual who pursues excellence fearlessly. I have a great experience of working with Shreya.

Chintan Parikh

Techflow Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.


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About Shreya

Shreya Parikh is a certified Soft Skill Trainer & mastered HR Practitioner. Carrying rich experience of working with Start – ups, SMEs and MNCs, she has trained thousands of individuals from various age groups & backgrounds. As HR facilitator, Shreya is an impactful & powerful HR Consultant with an ability to influence her audience with her well thought out & compiled HR Strategies which makes a business to grow.

Why Us

Breakthrough using NLP Techniques

Rich Experience in this field

Implementation with 100% dedication

Implementation with Advanced Skills

Coaching based on Demonstration

Email and Phone support during and after execution

Professional and Practical Approach